Mentor programs

CoEDL runs a mentoring scheme for Post-Doctoral Fellows and PhD students. The purpose of this scheme is to expand your network, and widen the sources of advice and support available to you, supplementing the kind of mentoring you already get from your supervisor.

The scheme is entirely voluntary, but all CoEDL post-docs and PhD students are encouraged to participate. For post-docs, mentors are drawn primarily from CoEDL CIs, and for PhD students, from CoEDL post-docs (though it is possible to nominate a mentor from outside these suggested pools if you desire).

While the specific role of the mentors varies depending on the needs, interests and personalities of the mentor and mentee, we encourage project-based mentoring in which you nominate a mentor for a specific project you are working on (e.g. a publication, a job application, a grant application, etc.; though bear in mind that a mentor may then be ineligible as an assessor esp. for grant schemes).

If you already have a CoEDL mentor, then you are welcome to continue with that person if you would like to. You are also just as welcome to select a new mentor (which does of course not preclude you from continuing to seek support from your current mentor).

To nominate a mentor please select the relevant link below, and select up to 3 names, in order of preference. If you would like to include in your list of preferred mentors someone who is not on the list, please make a note of that in ‘comments’ and we will take that into account.

Please nominate your mentor by Friday 27 November 2020, and the outcome will be confirmed by Friday 18 December.

The scheme is coordinated by CI Catherine Travis. If you have any questions please contact

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University